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Happy Thanksgiving

November 26, 2015

thansgiving  in vermont

November’s Newsletter

November 9, 2015

Appalachian Trail Adventures, the Summit Lodge and the Foundry reastaurant would like to say THANK YOU to all the hikers for staying with us this season. We had a pleasure hiking, kayaking and showing you a true Vermont Adventure. We are currently taking reservation for the 2016 hiking season, May 27th through Columbus Day Weekend on October 10th, 2016 . Please checkout ATA’s webapge for more information at

This season we had folks come all around the world and 26 states. Hikers traveled from France, Egypt, Singapore, Israel, India, 6 from United Kingdom, 5 from Australia, and too many Canadians to count. As for the United States people came from New York, Vermont, Illinois, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maryland, Texas, Florida, Nevada, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Louisiana, Indiana, Virginia, , California, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Oregon, Washington, Delaware, South Carolina, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and the District of Columbia.

Aeolus Update
Aeolus the beagle was very disappointed when the hiking season came to an end this month. Perhaps we had a little dog depression set in, so a little doggie Prozac might have helped. The poor puppy had no clue the season was coming to a close, just one day we stopped going to work, no new hikers to meet, no playing with the Summit’s Saint Bernard’s and no more long hikes or kayak rides. However I make up it for by visiting lots of dog parks. Every year we go from hiking season to dog park season, what a life!

The other day when he was on the runner in the front yard a fox ran right by him. What a tease, poor Aeolus chased as far as he could to end of runner and went crazy barking and howling as the fox went out of sight. I’m glad he didn’t get loose, I think he would ran off after the fox until he caught it. Halloween is one of Aeolus’ favorite holidays besides Christmas with all the gifts. He just loves all the visitors on Halloween, he just sits at the doorway wagging his tail watching the trick or treaters walk by or come up for candy and a quick pet. And no I don’t make him wear a costume, perhaps one of these years.

The last couple hikes, Aeolus was getting into trouble wandering off the trail farther than usual. One day on the billy goat trail, he took off for 20 minutes. Aeolus did return after checking out that scent, but made his daddy worry. Another time, there was a chipmunk that ran in front of him and up a tree. The tree was vertical, but at a steep angle more than 45 degrees. So Aeolus just climbed right up the tree perhaps to eight feet in height. The hikers couldn’t believe it, and he came back down too fast to get a picture, it was talk of week. Stay tuned to ATA’s Facebook, twitter and Instagram pages for winter photos of Aeolus’ adventures