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Appalachian Trail Adventures announces location change and kayaking program

January 4, 2010

Killington, VT – Appalachian Trail Adventures (ATA) is excited to announce a location change to the Summit Lodge, which is known for its personalized service.  Situated on eleven acres, the lodge offers all the cozy, traditional pleasures of a Vermont country inn, along with air-conditioned rooms and a spa for those guests who are looking for massage therapy.

 We provide an affordable all-inclusive fitness vacation giving a real Vermont outdoor adventure.  That’s why we have the best spa vacation at the lowest possible prices. Unlike most spas, ATA’s owner John Keough is engaged daily with the guests, encouraging them to get out of the fitness classroom and go hiking and kayaking.  “Why would you come to Vermont or to any spa elsewhere and spend your time exercising indoors in a closed room when you could be outdoors obtaining the same results while exploring Mother Nature?”

 ATA offers two programs to help customize one’s vacation. The Hiking Vacation Program (HVP) consist of an air-conditioned room with three daily spa meals, snacks, a guided novice, intermediate or advanced hike, kayaking, an excursion and evening nature- themed movie. The Healthful Living Program (HLP) is the same as the HVP but in addition offers a yoga class. However HVP participants may attend the yoga class à la carte.  Massages, water aerobics, tennis lessons, cooking demonstration and nutrition consultations with our Registered Dietitians are available to all guests à la carte.

 “In collaboration with registered dietitians we have created a delicious spa menu for those seeking healthier meals, ATA is able to cater to special dietary restrictions and offer two serving sizes. These are a weight loss portion and a hiker’s portion so our guests can have customized meals. This enables ATA to cater to couples, athletes, weight loss vacationers, as well as to all those with no dietary restrictions who seek to eat healthily. ”

ATA’s 2010 season runs from May 28th to October 13th

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